Gae Manfredini

Gae Manfredini

Iā€™ ve known Gae for several years, we met at one of the first music trade
shows I was attending with the by then newborn Axefactory. The passion,
curiosity and enthusiasm for all things guitar were so strong for us that you
could actually touch them.

It was definitely a lucky chance meeting that blessed me with a friend,
collaborator, excellent advisor and superb lead guitarist ā€“ all in one guy!

That period was when we made the GM model.
Gae has always had a very active role in this project, from choosing the woods
(honduras mahogany body, flamed maple neck, 24 frets ebony fretboard) to the
hardware (wilkinson sure claw, sperzel locking tuners) and finally the shape of
the body and Gibson old style back of the neck.

The success was immediately evident and Gae recorded his following cd,
instrumental treatment
with the resulting guitar.
During the last months we have re-styled that same guitar. After having been
put to good use for years on many Italian stages, a refit was much-needed.

Gae chose to go for a nitro sunburst finish, preferring lighter shades. We
performed a complete re-fret and swapped the two Seymour Duncans in favour of
more modern Mama pickups, a feature of all our instruments.

SRA Axefactory GM modelSRA Axefactory GM model

GM modelGM model

SRA Axefactory GM model backSRA Axefactory GM model back

 My pat.: System for fixing the neck onto the body of stringed instruments United States Patent 5973242My pat.: System for fixing the neck onto the body of stringed instruments United States Patent 5973242

Shaller sure clawShaller sure claw

mama pickups  and silver shield coatmama pickups and silver shield coat

double wafer 5 way switchdouble wafer 5 way switch

Gae Manfredini & Axefactory GM Model

What can I say... another mission accomplished!

See you soon Gae!
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