Non-invasive fitting of a piezo pickup

Non-invasive fitting of a piezo pickup

Boys and girls in the audience, allow me to show you the non-invasive fitting of a piezo pickup on a Gibson acoustic guitar!


the minimum height of the bridge didn’ t make for an easy installation of the piezo transducer simply by downsizing the bone part of the bridge because this was already reduced…to the bone in order to obtain a decent action;

the hole on the bridge wasn’ t deep enough to allow the insertion of the piezo;

no further milling on the bridge was possible;

a bone part with integrated piezo doesn’ t match nicely with this type of bridge;

and last but not least, a thin-like-paper piezo still has to be invented!!!

What do we do then?? …

The Mitutoyo says : the transducer is 2.75 mm thick, while the Gibson saddle a whopping 6.40 mm !!!

All we could do was drill a new hole inside the bone part of the bridge, wide enough to accommodate the transducer and give it enough room to allow a good transmission of vibrations.

Et voilà !!!!

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