Ars-Eub The Instrument



Ars-eub is created in Axefatory’s lab starting from an accurate choice of carefully seasoned wood.

It is build with a well balanced mix of traditional and modern techniques, with a special attention in the realization of the first quality ebony (or other wood when required) fingerboard.

The fingerboard is grinded at different periods and strictly with skilled handwork.


Accurate studies of classical double-bass playing placement on the several prototype shapes allows Axe factory to create an instrument that blends the advantage of electro-acoustic instruments (transportability and solidity) and traditional double-bass playing approach.

Thanks to its balls-joint system and extensible modular arms it is possible to re-create the set and the balance of the classical instruments or to modify it at the musician’s wish.


Sound and Performance

Axefactory’s instruments are built in full respect of traditional tactile marks. This allows an extremely easy use of both double-bass playing techniques (arched and plucked).

The bridge, adjustable in height, is made and properly balanced for the type of transducer used.

A stylized soundboard, which is extremely elastic, recreates the same mechanical effects that a classic soundboard gives at the vibrating strings.



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